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Integrating blockchain technology for your business

The blockchain is a decentralised and public ledger that records transactions across many computers, so the registered data becomes extremely difficult to modify. The blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

Blockchain technology is the driving force behind bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. But this isn’t the only use, as businesses are finding new ways to leverage the technology in their everyday operations.

As blockchain technology is the future, here we will cover why companies are adopting blockchain technology, how they can benefit from it, what some of the challenges are, and how you can get started with your own company or project.

5 Ways to Use Blockchain Technology in Your Business 

Blockchain is more than just a buzzword. It’s a technology that can potentially transform the way we do business completely. But what exactly is blockchain, and how can it benefit your company? Here are five ways to use blockchain technology in your business:

1. Track product provenance with tamper-proof records

A blockchain system can keep track of the source materials used to make each product, which provides an easy way to trace where products come from and establish their authenticity. You could use this feature to prove that your products are ethically sourced or sustainably harvested.

2. Improve transparency

Blockchains allow anyone to view a transaction’s history without access to any other information on the network. This gives you the ability to track and trace products throughout their lifecycle. You can track the origin of raw materials, see where they’re sourced, where they’re produced, who made them, and where they’re sold until they reach their final destination with complete transparency – all without having access to anyone’s personal data or financial records.

3. Boost security 

The blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions. Each “block” of data contains information about the transaction, including time and date, location, and parties involved. This means there’s no central authority or clearinghouse involved in transactions, which makes it more difficult for fraudsters to falsify records or create duplicates.

4. Provide a decentralized ledger for transactions

The blockchain creates a permanent record of every transaction, which means that once something has been added to the chain, it can never be changed or removed.

This is particularly useful for businesses because it allows them to track transactions in real-time, ensuring that any potential problems are dealt with immediately. Blockchain also offers significant cost savings for companies by eliminating third-party intermediaries, reducing paperwork, and allowing companies to access data from multiple sources at once.

5. Create smart contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that are stored on a blockchain network. They’re programmed to execute only when certain conditions are met. For example, if someone purchases your product online, then the smart contract will automatically release funds from your account to their account.

Smart contracts are helpful for transactions where there are multiple parties involved in a transaction or where there’s the risk of fraud or dishonesty by one or more parties involved in a transaction (e.g., real estate purchase).

How to Integrate Blockchain Technology With Your Business?

The blockchain can be used as a peer-to-peer payment system that does not require banks or other financial institutions to facilitate transactions between parties because these are recorded directly onto the blockchain in real-time.

There are four steps to integrating blockchain technology:

1. Understand the basic concepts of blockchain technology.

The first step to integrating blockchain technology with your business is to understand the basic concepts of blockchain technology.

Blockchains are data-linked blocks to form an unbroken chain, hence the name “blockchain.” Each block contains a timestamp and transaction data from previous blocks in the chain. When new transactions occur, they are added as new blocks onto the existing chain.

This makes it impossible for anyone to alter or change any data within the blockchain without also changing all subsequent blocks in the chain. This is how blockchain technology provides security and trust for its users: no one can tamper with any data without being detected by everyone else on the network.

2. Assess your business processes and identify areas where blockchain can be applied.

The next step to implement blockchain technology is to assess your current business processes and identify where blockchain can be applied. This may be in areas such as supply chain management or creating digital records of transactions.

Once you’ve identified which processes could benefit from blockchain technology, you can start exploring how to integrate them into those processes.

3. Research available blockchain solutions, including platforms, applications, and services.

There are dozens of blockchain platforms available today, some of which have been around for several years, while others are newer entrants on the scene. Numerous applications are built on top of these platforms that can help you accomplish your goals faster and more cost-effectively than traditional software development methods would allow. You should also consider how long each platform has been around (and whether it’s been updated recently) before deciding which one is right for your project or company’s goals.

4. Select a solution that best fits your needs and begin experimenting.

Before you jump into integrating blockchain technology into your business operations, consider whether it will truly benefit your organization. Once you’re confident it will provide value, select a solution that fits your needs, whether public or private blockchains like Ethereum or Hyperledger or other platforms like Stellar Lumens or Ripple.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain technology has been around for over a decade but has only recently entered the mainstream. The technology is used to maintain a continuously growing list of linked and secured records using cryptography. It’s best known as the technology behind Bitcoin, but blockchain has many applications beyond cryptocurrency.

The technology can create highly secure databases, prevent double-spending in digital currencies, support direct money transfers between two parties (like PayPal), and even authenticate documents or contracts.

Emerging Business Opportunities in the Metaverse in 2023

The fusion of virtual reality and physically enhanced virtual reality creates a metaverse, a shared and permanent virtual world that exists in real-time. With technological advances, this combination of worlds is causing a paradigm shift and creating exciting new opportunities for consumers and businesses. Thus, the Metaverse is extremely important for the industry’s future, whether a virtual concert for a large audience or hosting an executive meeting with your company from the comfort of your home in a realistic digital boardroom.

Industry leaders and tech giants like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft are investing heavily in the Metaverse, signaling that this idea is not just another experiment but the future. Companies must develop robust strategies to enter this new virtual world to remain competitive in today’s world.

Because of this, NFT and the Metaverse development ecosystem have developed Metaverse. More than 20 metaverse trends are considered, as well as various data collected from approximately 1000 respondents and opinions of leading experts in this field.

In the Metaverse business

Almost every industry will get new opportunities thanks to the Metaverse. First, the metaverse experience can help companies enter new markets and connect with their existing customers on a whole new level of personalization. The Metaverse can also change organizational processes, products and services, production and distribution methods, and more. Risingmax Inc has identified some key economic sectors that will benefit from the Metaverse.


Gamers worldwide seek VR-enabled games, immersive 3D experiences, and user-creation platforms. The gaming industry is in a unique position to capitalize on the Metaverse as nearly 3 billion gamers are expected to use the Metaverse for next-level gaming.

In addition, 44% of those who responded think that Play to Earn games are the most exciting feature of the Metaverse. The power and importance of Play-to-Earn games for the future are demonstrated by their ability to challenge established paradigms and advance ideas from the Metaverse. This is evidenced by NFT Play-to-Earn data called CryptoBlades Kingdoms: since August, users have completed 23,709 battles, trained 4,472,925 units, looted 313,146,492, and collected more than 1,712,753,259 items made of wood, stone, and clay, which indicates about their growing interest in the game. GameFi market.


The basis of the player’s virtual identity in the Metaverse is their avatar, which explains why online users attach more importance to digital self-expression. Fashion companies have a significant impact on the Metaverse. A great example is Faith Tribe, an open-source design platform built to support and celebrate digital creators across the physical and Metaverse. To successfully create, sell, distribute and monetize user-created fashion product designs. The brand is working to build a global ecosystem of creators.

Another intriguing example is Metawear, which has revolutionized the fashion industry by building the Fashion DOME Metaverse, or Temple of the Fashion Designers Metaverse, bringing together talented international designers, top fashion brands, students, young artists, senior designers, and celebrities. Come together to create, capitalize on, and market their projects and products.

Virtual property

In a Risinmax Inc survey, 45% of participants considered buying a virtual property, while 14% of users said they had already done so. The value of the virtual real estate is rising as budding real estate investors aggressively hoard land in the Metaverse. Unlike most physical locations, buying real estate in the Metaverse allows companies to reach more customers.

Advertising and marketing

“Companies can interact more creatively with consumers by providing a unique brand experience in the virtual reality of the Metaverse. As a result, digital marketing and advertising will undoubtedly take a whole new turn, including metaverse advertising, virtual influencers, metaverse events, and metaverse commerce.” Says Upendra Goswami, a well renowned SEO expert and Digital Agency Onwer.

Design Economy

The creator economy is now heavily dependent on the centralized business, particularly social networks such as YouTube and Facebook, which not only receive a significant share of creators’ income but also have the power to censor and block creators. The creator economy thrived on the ability of creators to bypass these platforms and communicate directly with their audience across the Metaverse.

Integrated retail environments

According to a Risingmax Inc survey, 43% of respondents prefer online shopping. How we shop and interact with brands will change with an immersive 3D virtual world that offers an enhanced shopping experience. Some potential ways the Metaverse could improve the shopping experience include virtual malls and curated custom shopping platforms. For example, by making Saks, Selfridges, and Lane Crawford entry points into the high Highstreet World, the high Highstreet is revolutionizing retail in the Metaverse.

Entertainment and music

A global audience will be able to attend and participate in exhibitions due to the ability of the Metaverse to make concerts and other virtual events limitless and limitless. Celebrities and musicians can use the Metaverse to form close bonds with their fans and earn money from their performances.

Virtual journey

The Metaverse has no boundaries, unlike the physical world. The Metaverse offers diverse lucrative potential for those in the travel industry, merging the limitless travel possibilities of the virtual world with the lucrative tourism industry.

Workers’ participation

Organizations can leverage cutting-edge technology to create enhanced virtual workspaces in the Metaverse, which can greatly increase employee productivity and engagement. This can encourage creative collaboration in the workplace, which can be especially helpful in a remote work environment.

Integrated Learning Situations

The Metaverse can improve education and enable online course providers to provide immersive learning experiences in various fields using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. This will enhance the interaction of students with information and, at the same time, the learning process.


The Metaverse will enable the creation of self-contained online communities where users can participate in rich and immersive social experiences, revolutionizing how we interact online. For example, friends can communicate “in person” in the same virtual space using digital avatars, even if they are physically far from each other.

Availability and independence

Because the Metaverse has no real boundaries, anyone can access it, no matter where they are physically located. This versatility will improve access, especially for people with disabilities or members of developing communities.

Is your company fit for the Metaverse?

Risingmax Inc believes that the Metaverse opens up new business opportunities across all industries. The Metaverse is a world filled with abundance and opportunity. Business owners and industry titans must make the first investments in metaverse strategies to create profitable channels in this exciting new realm.

We have a team that is available 24/7, so you can contact us at any time for help with metaverse projects or Metaverse consulting services.

7 Fascinating Benefits of Placing Bets on FIFA Games Using Binance Coin

It’s time to reveal some exciting things to look at in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup on Binance betting sites. You will be impressed by what you achieve while betting on the FIFA World Cup using these platforms. Crypto betting is no longer a new thing in the gambling industry, and Binance betting sites are one of the top-notch crypto platforms.

However, we have explored all the reviews and articles to help you enjoy seamless betting operations during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As a result, we discover that you will have many things to benefit from by choosing binance betting sites for this year’s footballing tournament. Read through this guide as we discuss the seven fascinating benefits of placing bets on FIFA games using Binance Coin FIFA betting sites.

Benefits Of Placing Bet On Binance Coin Betting Sites

You must have heard some hype surrounding the upcoming FIFA games on Binance betting sites and want to know if the hype is worth it.

Despite thepopularity of crypto, the market still needs to look more familiar to some people. In our experience, if you gamble on Binance Coin FIFA betting sites, you will not go back to fiat currency sites. Below are some benefits you will enjoy on Binance Coin FIFA betting sites.

1. Binance Has Higher Growth Potential

The government legal tender is the fiat currency. Fiat currency has no natural value; the economic Demand, supply, and interest rate are the factors that determine its worth. Examples of popular fiat currencies are the Euro and U.S Dollar.

Binance Coin, on the other hand, has the potential for price increment. However, the currency is unstable because it has experienced an increase and decrease in value since its introduction. However, Binance and crypto, in general, have the potential for growth in the long term. Realistically, the billion-dollar crypto market cap is the beginning of bigger things.

With a global estimated wealth of over $430 trillion by Forbes, the Binance Coin is just in the early growth stage. Meanwhile, the value and usefulness of fiat currency are reducing tremendously. Therefore by using Binance cash for the FIFA games, your account balance can increase even if you don’t use the account for betting.

2. Complete Control Of Your Money

Binance Coin doesn’t only guarantee higher growth potential; it also makes it possible to have complete control of your fund. This option becomes a lot easier without the interference of banks or any other third party. Moreover, Crypto is no longer a joke; when cryptocurrency began, most people only knew about bitcoin and nothing more. Nowadays, people are familiar with hundreds of virtual currencies.

Although cryptocurrency is used extremely online for betting purposes, its general acceptance means you can use the currency for other things. Although many countries have not legalized the use of cryptocurrency, while some countries allow it, countries like El Salvador have permitted the use of bitcoin as legal tender.

3. Binance Coin Enables Financial Freedom

Binance Coin betting sites allow you to bet on FIFA games freely. But, unfortunately, the fiat currency site only gives you that opportunity if you want to place a bet. As a result, some bettors can land into trouble if they make deposits on 2022 FIFA World Cup betting sites with their credit cards. This horror may lead to bank account closure by the financial institution.

Assuming you find a FIFA games betting site that accepts Binance Coins go ahead and place a bet. Alternatively, ensure the site has a good reputation; using Binance cash will save you from some stressful processes.

4. Privacy

Depositing money In a fiat currency on the FIFA World Cup betting platform can be troublesome. For some reason, there are better options than depositing with a credit or debit card. Those who use fiat currency betting sites will know that banks don’t tolerate some of the processes involved.

Indeed, if you fund your betting account using a bank, it will be impossible once they see your bank statement. Some bettors have been denied loans because of their involvement in betting. Even if you use the betting sites casually, the chances of getting a loan are usually slim.

However, by using Binance Coin to fund your betting account, financial institutions or banks cannot be able to track your records. Because crypto is decentralized, you can use Binance without worrying about banks. Essentially, you will deposit your Binance Coin betting sites and bet on the FIFA World Cup games. Your bank statement will not show any deposit record on the site.

5. No Effect Of Restrictions

In some countries, it is not allowed to use any platform to place a bet. So if you live in a place with restrictions, using a fiat currency betting site to bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be difficult. This option is because it will be easier for the financial and government to trace illegal actions. However, accessing these sites with a Virtual Private Network is possible.

If you use Binance Coin betting sites to bet on FIFA games, the degree of anonymity to enjoy is high. Furthermore, this anonymity will enable you to play regardless of the country of residence. Some Binance Coin betting sites accept players from countries that outlaw fiat currency gambling.

6. Higher Limits

Another issue fiat currency bettors face is the issue of low withdrawal and deposit limits. Some of these sites allow you to deposit a considerable amount of money, but they could be more generous with their departure.

Some conventional sites will ask you for additional information if you want to withdraw significantly. For example, traditional betting sites may restrict your account if you are a regular winner. On the other hand, because Binance Coin is not regulated, the website has a reasonable withdrawal limit for all users. Interestingly, some sites do not have any withdrawal limits.

7. Quick Payouts

Users of traditional betting sites will know that the payout speed is plodding. The bureaucracy of the banking system is one reason for this decline. However, because of fewer regulations, things are different when using Binance Coin betting sites for FIFA World Cup games. Moreover, legal bodies, like the Curacao gaming authority, regulate the crypto betting platforms. However, the binance betting sites have better payout rates than the traditional sites.

Flame Token and Nafty Token Announce Acquisition to Collectively Add More SocialFi Services to Social Media Platform Sharesome

Flame Technologies AG, Switzerland, the company behind the world’s largest adult social media platform Sharesome has announced that it has acquired all assets of the Nafty ecosystem, one of the most recognized Web3 projects for adult content creators, for an undisclosed sum. Flame Technologies and the Nafty team will together pursue their common vision of bringing social media and decentralized finance (DeFi) together.

The Nafty Web3 ecosystem includes a blockchain-based payment solutions API, an NFT marketplace, a content subscription platform, and a crypto-based fanclub.

In the past years, the adult industry saw a power shift from studios and tube sites to independent content creators on social media. But it is increasingly difficult for them to promote NSFW products there. That’s why Flame Technologies developed the social discovery platform Sharesome for content creators where they can advertise their paysites like OnlyFans.

Sharesome, the only adult social media site, has almost 2M monthly active users and 400M posts viewed every month. Users spend an average of 8 minutes on the site. Sharesome already has a Web3 layer in the form of Flame Token, a blockchain-based token compatible with the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain.

To be used on Sharesome, Flame Tokens must be exchanged into Flame Credits. Flame Credits are used as a value transfer mechanism on the platform. Right now, Flame Credits are used for tips and other digital services. Advertising on Sharesome is only paid with Flame Credits.

Flame Technologies’ strategy is to build the utility before the token is listed on an exchange. “A token without a use case has no value. Therefore we first created the utility on Sharesome and haven’t listed on exchanges. Although we feel that now would be the right time to do this.”, said Flame Tech Founder & CEO Robert Knapp.

Flame Technologies aims to fully integrate the Nafty NFT marketplace into Sharesome by offering collectible avatars to the entire Sharesome user base. Sharesome would be the fourth social media network with NFT avatars, after Twitter, Reddit and OnlyFans launched NFT-based avatars this year. The team also plans to integrate Nafty’s content subscription platform into Sharesome’s already existing Pro subscription.

Flame Technologies will also announce an exchange program that will allow Nafty Token holders to exchange their tokens for Flame Tokens.

At the heart of Sharesome’s SocialFi strategy are adult content creators, influencers and participants who want better control over their content and the ability to monetize their social media following and engagement.

“I believe that joining Flame Technologies is the best thing that could have happened to Nafty. Sharesome has the necessary traffic to breathe life into Nafty’s platforms. The team of Flame Technologies has shown, time and again, that they care about their users and will do the best for them.”, says Georgi Dimitrov from Nafty International.

“I am super happy that Nafty joined the Flame Family. The acquisition fits 100% into our strategy of gradually adding more Web3 tech on top of Sharesome, our flagship product with almost 2M monthly users. We believe that Social Finance is the solution to a lot of problems that we aim to solve. We’re trying to bring social media to the adult industry, and crypto to social media. With Nafty’s Web3 tech, we just became faster.”, says Robert Knapp, Founder and CEO of Flame Technologies AG.

About Flame Technologies AG The Flame Technologies AG is based in Zug, Switzerland. The company has built a team of world-class engineers, designers, researchers, blockchain specialists, marketers, and financial experts who work together to bring Flame Token to the adult social media site Sharesome and beyond.

About Flame Token (XFL) Flame is a utility token for the creator economy. It is the native currency of Sharesome, a social discovery network for creators. It is used as a value transfer mechanism on the platform. It is issued by Flame Technologies AG in Zug, CH. The project has obtained a no-action letter from FINMA.

About Sharesome (NSFW) Sharesome is the first adult social media site in the world. Social media has reshaped the way brands are being built and how they advertise. Today, everyone has the power to build a brand online, or even become a brand. This is called “the creator economy”, but adult content creators are banned from participating. Sharesome gives this power back to adult content creators, who generate billions of dollars in revenue every year.






Media Contact
Company Name: Flame Technologies AG
Contact Person: Robert Knapp
City: Zug
Country: Switzerland

Sayfer Identifies New Frontrunning Vulnerability in the Connext Bridge

Israeli cybersecurity firm Sayfer has identified a new vulnerability in the Connext bridge that exposes relayer remuneration funds to frontrunning. It is believed that more than $70,000 worth of fees have been frontrunned to date.

The connext bridge requires a class of actors called ‘relayers’. Relayers are responsible for submitting users’ transactions on the receiving chain without requiring the user to spend gas out of their own pocket. For their work, relayers are allocated a certain fee. Sayfer has discovered that because the fee is sent to the msg.sender (i.e. the account or contract that sent the transaction), without authenticating the identity of the relayer, this fee can be snatched by frontrunners.

Frontrunning is performed by bots (also known as MEV bots) that scour Ethereum’s mempool for vulnerable impending transactions. They then copy the transaction, and place an identical order but with higher gas fees. That way, the copied transaction is executed before the original, and the bot pockets the profit. The proliferation of MEV bots is considered a major threat to the integrity and reliability of the Ethereum blockchain.

Sayfer has reported their research to Connext, but they claim that this is not a vulnerability, and refuse to correct it.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sayfer
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Country: Israel

HashBit BlockChain Launches Integrated Crypto Wallet for WhatsApp

Sept. 26, 2022 – HashBit BlockChain (HBIT) has announced the launch of its crypto wallet for more than 2 billion WhatsApp users. The innovative blockchain technology enables individuals to send and receive HBIT in seconds in WhatsApp groups or channels. It’s available on Google Play.

“We are happy to announce the integration of HashBit wallet with WhatsApp,” said a HashBit spokesperson. “Now users can send HBIT to their friends on WhatsApp or request payment. If you want to send HBIT to all members of a group, just type ‘!rain’ and it will be done.”

Launched in May 2021, HashBit is the new blockchain that can be used for digital assets, messenger, decentralized voting, and a variety of other secure applications. It’s one of the fastest, safest and most decentralized blockchains currently in existence, providing fast, free and an unlimited number of transactions.

hashbit whatsapp wallet

Individuals can access their HBIT wallet directly from WhatsApp by entering a contact that enables them to interact on WhatsApp. An HBIT transaction takes place almost instantly, with a maximum time of 30 seconds. It’s an ideal solution for NFT traders.

Individuals use simple commands on WhatsApp that makes interacting with HashBit easy. Entering ‘!h’ or ‘!help’ provides users with access to all the possible commands. Multilingual support is provided and additional languages will be added in the future for an inclusive experience anywhere in the world.

“We created HashBit to give users plenty of popular features on a decentralized platform,” said a HashBit spokesperson. “There are no limits to the number of applications you can create. Our scalable and secure layers do all the hard work in quick time.”

HashBit is structured with three layers for enhanced security, communication and infrastructure. HashBit users can utilize its DAO voting mechanism, create and issue digital assets, distribute dividends, upload content, and use the payment system.

HashBit is unique in multiple ways. It wasn’t funded by an ICO or with pre-mined coins and eliminates problems in current blockchains. It’s fast, easy to use and can be accessed from a browser. It’s the first to offer an asset exchange, NFT mining capabilities, encrypted messaging, cloud data upload to the blockchain and more. It’s a truly decentralized blockchain and is managed by a team of volunteers.

HashBit Whatsapp Wallet:

Buy HBIT here –

About HashBit BlockChain (HBIT)

HashBit is a rapidly growing open source blockchain created in May 2021. It’s become one of the safest, fastest, longest, and most decentralized blockchains in existence. HashBit is global, available in over 100 countries.

Connect with HashBit on:









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RareWorx Announced The Next Generation Of CryptoPiggos, Evolution Nft Collection To Drop In The Week Of September 26

London, September 21, 2022 -– Rareworx is dedicated to support Equality Now, an organization which believes in creating a just world for women and girls, by releasing an exclusive NFT collection of 6,000 Piggos Evolution.  The collection features profile pictures of cartoon pigs that are procedurally generated by an algorithm. Piggos Evolution is a doodle-style collection and it is designed by Enrico Bigi, a globally renowned tattoo artist.

“Our vision is to bring innovative and world-class digital collections to the crypto community aimed at disrupting social change while making Web3 a more inclusive and diverse space,” said Natalie Ager, CEO of RareWorx and advocate of gender equality and women’s rights.  “RareWorx is committed to leveraging CryptoPiggos NFT to incentivize community building and participation, while fundraising and raising awareness of charitable causes.  NFTs are a powerful force for social impact and together we plan to change the world. All Piggos holders will be granted exclusive perks, given additional airdrops, and rewarded for using Piggos NFTs.” How to mint

  • On Tuesday, September 29 at 7:00 PM EST, consumers who have been waitlist-approved will be able to mint one at USD$69 with no gas fees.   Once the consumer and the wallet is verified, the Evolution NFT will be minted and directly sent to their wallet.
  • A day later, on September 30 at 7:00 EST, consumers will be able to mint one of the remaining Evolution NFTs.  Once the wallet is verified the Evolution NFT will be minted and directly sent to their wallet.
  • On the reveal day, consumers will then be able to identify their exact Evolution Drop NFT and are welcome to list on Gaia or any other third-party marketplace platform at any point by satisfying the selected platform’s terms of service.

About RareWorx

Rareworx, is a start-up that creates unique and one-of-a-kind digital assets, including the NFT project CryptoPiggos. These assets are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that live on the Flow blockchain, and each one is associated with a real-world item or experience with a focus on giving back to the community and charitable causes.

Media Contact
Company Name: RareWorx LLC
Contact Person: Media Relations
City: Pleasanton
State: CA
Country: United States

Landian Metaverse Emerges from Stealth Mode with Record-Breaking NFT Sales

The Landian Metaverse emerged from three years in stealth mode this past week with its Tier 1 live auction that sold out a record-breaking 98,463,595 square meters of land equal to hundreds of thousands of NFTs. With nearly 400,000 transfers taking place over a four-day period, Landian topped the BSC charts several days in a row.

Since its founding in 2019, has quietly assembled an army of developers to build the world’s largest functional metaverse. Built in Unreal Engine 5 utilizing the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), smart contracts are incorporated into real-world immersive experiences with graphics at speeds light years ahead of anything else in the market. Load tested during its transition for millions of simultaneous users, Landian leverages proprietary algorithms to position itself in welcoming an entire Web 2.0 population.

“Landian is not a game. It’s real Web 3.0 that integrates real-world use cases for individuals, businesses, and governments to experience a hyperrealistic, functional, and profitable environment,” said Austin Yavorsky, CEO, and Co-Founder of Landian Metaverse. “We are a platform for building the next internet iteration, where all tools and resources are provided. Think of us as the Web 3.0 child of WordPress, Shopify, Upwork, and Instagram all rolled into a remarkable experience where users develop meaningful solutions.”

With a focus on functionality, users can buy plots, build buildings, and create experiences in the Landian metaverse. More importantly, they can interact within a fully comprehensive marketplace offering digital assets – the means for developers, and businesses to interact and engage in e-commerce.

Plots sold as NFTs carry value based on the digital land mass, location, and predictions of what will happen in those spaces now and in the future. Like the real world, plots can be developed into businesses, experiences, homes, education centers, and more utilizing crypto commerce or traditional payment methods like credit cards.

The marketplace lets developers list digital goods and services. It also allows Landians to post RFPs (requests for proposals) for buildings, valuable code, digital goods, and experiences for either direct purchase, revenue share, or through community crowdfunding.

Landian continues to attract individuals and businesses preparing to transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and beyond by offering next-level services and solutions in a hyper-realistic environment. Moving forward, and once 20% or more of Tier 1 plots are in construction generating real business and experiences, Tier 3 will prepare for launch.

Said Yavorsky, “Landian has successfully changed traditional metaverse and blockchain technology perceptions. And, while it’s unclear how Web 3.0 will ultimately look in the future, the Landian Metaverse future looks bright.”

About Landian

Founded in 2019, Landian headquarters is located in Colombia, Medellín. Its 440+ local and international employee base supports the world’s most advanced metaverse for real solutions. exists so that people, businesses, organizations, and cultures can engage unencumbered and without limitations, making virtual worlds more interactive, accessible, and easier to navigate. Packed with exciting incentives that stimulate user engagement and commerce, Landian is governed by a shared value system that benefits founders and users. One’s ability to evolve and thrive in Landian is contingent solely on effort, and becoming anyone or anything is limited only by the imagination. With its best-in-class centralized network for streaming services and a decentralized network, is designed to counter common market, ecommerce, and engagement deficiencies in the existing Metaverse market.

For the latest updates and information, join Landian’s Discord channel, follow on Twitter, or visit

For media inquiries, contact

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Contact Person: James Anderson
Country: United States

SWAGGA Welcomes Crooz Blockchain Lab Joining Metaverse Ecosystem to Achieve Broader Vision of the Industry

Blocverse DAO, operator of the phygital fashion metaverse SWAGGA, and Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc. (“Crooz Blockchain Lab”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CROOZ, Inc. (TYO: 2138), one of the leading mobile social game developers in Japan, announced that they have entered into definitive agreements for a strategic partnership that will significantly accelerate business growth and open up new markets for both parties in the Web3 industry.

Through the partnership, Crooz Blockchain Lab will step into the metaverse industry, adapt Web2 contents and services for the Web3 community. It will also leverage its experience and resources in e-commerce and social games, for instance, PROJECT XENO, a newly developed Web3 PvP tactic game, to provide ample content to further support SWAGGA to build a more powerful metaverse ecosystem.

Supported by the rich experience in games, social and e-commerce of Crooz Blockchain Lab, SWAGGA will utilize its popular NFT IPs and Web3 resources to provide users with immersive social, fashion and entertainment experiences, collaborate with a vision of ushering in the new era of the phygital metaverse and break down the barriers between Web2 and Web3.

About Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc.

Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc. ( is a company that focuses on blockchain technology and game development, and a wholly owned subsidiary of CROOZ,Inc. (TYO: 2138), a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of services through the Internet which operates in three business segments, including the Internet Content segment, the Internet Commerce segment and the Internet Solution segment.

PROJECT XENO ( is a tactic game which spans the GameFi and e-sports fields. Holders of NFT characters of this project can acquire Utility Tokens (UT) and NFTs by playing the game, which will be stored in the in-app account with built-in swap functionality. Holders can trade NFTs through the in-app wallet and marketplace.

About Blocverse DAO

Blocverse DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on blockchain technology and services. As the operator of SWAGGA, Blocverse DAO has been dedicated to exploring the potential of Web3 and metaverse since its establishment.

SWAGGA ( is a phygital fashion metaverse featuring Swag-To-Earn (S2E) and F.A.S (Fashion, Amusement, Social) at its core, focused on creating not only an entertaining virtual world, but also an immersive e-commerce platform for fashion enthusiasts with the ambition of enabling everyone to swap likes into value.

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Thrupenny Launches Yield Farming Platform

Thrupenny, an exciting crypto start-up, reached a major milestone, successfully launching a ground-breaking Yield Farming Platform.

Thrupenny announced it has successfully launched its Thrupenny Yield Farming Platform dedicated to users that want to participate in DeFi yield-bearing opportunities.

Yield farming is a strategy in which an investor deposits cryptocurrencies into a lending protocol in return for interests generated from transaction fees. As an added incentive, additional rewards from the ecosystem’s governance token are distributed to users.

The platform aims to simplify the yield farming process by creating a seamless and streamlined process for users, removing any barriers to entry for the average investor to earn passive income that were earlier available to only a select few.

Activity on the platform is expected to grow steadily in the coming months as its community users begin to use the services on offer.

“We are extremely excited to launch the Thrupenny Yield Farming platform to allow DeFi investors access to a stable long-term yield generated from real-world assets,” says Nicholas Chau, CFO of Thrupenny. “The Thrupenny Yield Farming platform presents an excellent opportunity for users to lock their crypto holdings in a liquidity pool to earn attractive APY in a safe, sustainable and robust manner, and early users get to receive a higher APR, since the APR rates depend on the liquidity locked in a pool.”

About Thrupenny

Thrupenny, being a powerful DeFi platform, aims to be a one-stop solution for crypto holders to invest their cryptocurrencies in a decentralised manner. Thrupenny makes participation in a complicated area of crypto simple and accessible for all, giving users the control and insights from a single application. Through the Thrupenny platform, users can stake their crypto and start earning passive income with a click of a button. The platform is secured by an in-house team of security specialists and audited by industry-leading crypto auditing firms.

The Thrupenny development team combined has decades of experience developing effective products that can shape the future and seeks to build a decentralized ecosystem incorporating numerous DeFi products and services which will drive a new direction of growth and feasibility in the cryptocurrency world. With the Thrupenny native token TPY, investors can enter a rich ecosystem that offers attractive APYs and much more.

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