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Write for us – Submit a Guest Post on Cryptocurrency

Do you want to write a guest post about cryptocurrency on cryptonic? Good news! Now you can submit cryptocurrency, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc articles for publishing on Cryptonic, all you need is to follow the guidelines!!

write for us + cryptocurrency blockchain bitcoin

Guidelines to Submit a Guest Post on Cryptocurrency

Here are a few points which will help your content get through our moderation panel and will let you publish the guest post on cryptocurrency.

#1 Don’t Write for Backlinks, Write for Users

We are not against backlinks (They are important to all :p) and allow 1 dofollow and 1 nofollow backlink from the post. But if you are writing just to gain a backlink for your money site or blog, we will know and your post will not be approved. In short, write quality content which users will like to read and will provide value to our blog!

#2 We Love Details

We know that 50% of the audiences do not read the complete blog and just scan it, but we are focusing on that 50% which do!! Your post must include at least 800 words in order to be approved as a guest post!

#3 Make it Scannable

As said, 50% of the users just scan the post, so why not make your guest post scannable. Follow the following heading hierarchy!

"write for us" + cryptocurrency + blockchain

#4 Visuals are a Must

We don’t want our readers to get get bored of text-text-text. Adding images in your guest post along with other visuals like infographics, videos etc. is recommended!!

Apart from the above mention guidelines we don’t want to mention that to contribute a guest post on cryptonic your post must be 100% original and should not have been published anywhere before!

If you agree to the above given guidelines, feel free to submit your post topic idea by filling the form below!

Submit the Form to Write for Us

Pitch us your post idea and we will be happy to revert back as soon as possible!

“Guest Posting is the best way to build a community of like minds with same goal. As we know, content marketing is the only marketing left, and guest posting is the best way to do it”
– Cryptonic

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