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SWAGGA Welcomes Crooz Blockchain Lab Joining Metaverse Ecosystem to Achieve Broader Vision of the Industry

Blocverse DAO, operator of the phygital fashion metaverse SWAGGA, and Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc. (“Crooz Blockchain Lab”), a wholly owned subsidiary of CROOZ, Inc. (TYO: 2138), one of the leading mobile social game developers in Japan, announced that they have entered into definitive agreements for a strategic partnership that will significantly accelerate business growth and open up new markets for both parties in the Web3 industry.

Through the partnership, Crooz Blockchain Lab will step into the metaverse industry, adapt Web2 contents and services for the Web3 community. It will also leverage its experience and resources in e-commerce and social games, for instance, PROJECT XENO, a newly developed Web3 PvP tactic game, to provide ample content to further support SWAGGA to build a more powerful metaverse ecosystem.

Supported by the rich experience in games, social and e-commerce of Crooz Blockchain Lab, SWAGGA will utilize its popular NFT IPs and Web3 resources to provide users with immersive social, fashion and entertainment experiences, collaborate with a vision of ushering in the new era of the phygital metaverse and break down the barriers between Web2 and Web3.

About Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc.

Crooz Blockchain Lab Inc. ( is a company that focuses on blockchain technology and game development, and a wholly owned subsidiary of CROOZ,Inc. (TYO: 2138), a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the provision of services through the Internet which operates in three business segments, including the Internet Content segment, the Internet Commerce segment and the Internet Solution segment.

PROJECT XENO ( is a tactic game which spans the GameFi and e-sports fields. Holders of NFT characters of this project can acquire Utility Tokens (UT) and NFTs by playing the game, which will be stored in the in-app account with built-in swap functionality. Holders can trade NFTs through the in-app wallet and marketplace.

About Blocverse DAO

Blocverse DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on blockchain technology and services. As the operator of SWAGGA, Blocverse DAO has been dedicated to exploring the potential of Web3 and metaverse since its establishment.

SWAGGA ( is a phygital fashion metaverse featuring Swag-To-Earn (S2E) and F.A.S (Fashion, Amusement, Social) at its core, focused on creating not only an entertaining virtual world, but also an immersive e-commerce platform for fashion enthusiasts with the ambition of enabling everyone to swap likes into value.

Media Contact
Company Name: SWAGGA
Contact Person: Raphy Chiyo
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan


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